The minimalism of Corne is her way of conveying clarity, stripping away redundancies and thus rendering the works as even more intricate and relevant to the viewer.

She concentrates on meticulous, multi-layered applications of paint to canvas, wood and paper, drawing on their capacities to absorb and reflect light, line, color and texture. Paper, with its inherent twisting, expanding and contracting properties and its ability to dissipate and alter the paint, adds an additional sense of whimsy and edginess to the paintings.

Transparency is interwoven with vivid, opaque colors, saturated with light which interplay with hot colors in a fluidity that appears as casual placement. These invoke meditative environments, the beauty of which alone could suffice, but Corne's concerns go deeper, into narrative about how we live and our place in the world. Her Habitat Series are comprised of four pieces of paper to represent sides of a box with one of the pieces displaced. A subtle shift of one piece breaks the unity of the image and suggests physical, social and spiritual separation. The painted image of a rectangle within a rectangle is a further variation and complication of the subject.

Janet Corne